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Overview of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Power of Factorial can help you register a trademark in Bangalore or anywhere else in India. A trademark is a business symbol that assist in the identification of a specific product or service. A trademark can be a word, symbol, label, numerals, or a colour combination that is used to distinguish one product or service from another. A registered trademark protects a product's or service's goodwill and makes it illegal for others to use it. A trademark registration is good for ten years. There are 45 trademark classes to choose from when registering a trademark. A person can register his or her trademark in the class that pertains to his or her business

Advantages Of Trademark Registration:

Legal Protection

You will become the legal owner of the trademark registration application, and no one else will be able to use your trademark without your permission. If a trademark is not registered with the government, no action can be taken against a third party. A registered trademark holder has the legal right to sue anyone who attempts to copy the trademark without permission.

Unique Identity

Trademark registration helps in the creation of an unique identity for your business. No one else can apply for or use your trademark for goods or services that are similar to yours.

Advertises Goods and Services

By registering a trademark, a company's or a product's or service's face is created. This makes it easier to identify and create a brand. Because most businesses derive their identity from their trademark, it plays an important role in advertising and raises brand value.

Creation of an Asset

In India, trademark registration creates a brand equity. To benefit the company or the individual proprietor, Registered TM can be sold, assigned, franchised, or commercially contracted.

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