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Online trade license registration Bangalore

What is a Trade License?

A trade licence, sometimes known as a business licence, is a government-issued licence that allows an individual or organisation to operate a business within India. These licences are used all over the country and must be obtained from the state government in order to conduct business.

Looking to start a new business? Have you ever heard of trading licenses? If you don’t want to stay out of trouble, you certainly required to need of trade licence. A trade license is necessary for any company that performs business or commercial needs. A trade license shall only be valid for one year.

Why Trade License?

To protect the general public from health hazards and annoyances that a trader or business may cause. A trade licence is a government-issued way of regulating trade and ensuring compliance with government-issued rules and safety requirements.

Types of Trade License

There are three types of trade licenses that a company or individual can apply for based on the type of trade or business they carry out.

1. Shop License

Anyone who wants to open a store needs this type of licence. The store might be of any type of retail

2. Industrial License

This type of license is needed for any company that wants to open a small or mid sized industrial unit

3. Food Establishment License

This licence is required for every business that wants to work in the food and beverage industry. Restaurants, cafes, butcher shops, bakeries, and vegetable markets are all covered by the licence.

Eligibility Criteria for Trade License Application

To be eligible to apply for the above license, the applicant has to ensure the following criteria are satisfied

1. The applicant or individual must be a major. This means the applicant must be more than 18 years of age.

2. The applicant should not have a form of convictions or criminal records.

3. The business of the applicant must not be against any provisions of law in force

Documents Required For Trade License

When applying for a trade license, one needs to show the following documents

Address proof of the business
ID proof of the applicant
Aadhaar card
PAN of the individual in case of proprietorship, else PAN of the firm of company
Memorandum of Association (MOA) in case of Companies
Certification of incorporating in case of Companies
A latest municipal property tax receipt in case the premises are owned, else lease document or consent letter of the owner of the property where the business is registered.
No Objection Certificate from Neighbour in Case the business is located in a residential area.
Premises Proof of the establishment in the form of Sale Deed, Electricity Bill/water bill and NOC from owner

How can Power Of Factorial help in securing Trade License?

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